STM3210E_EVAL BSP User Manual: STM3210E EVAL SD Exported Types


STM3210E_EVAL BSP User Manual
STM3210E EVAL SD Exported Types


#define SD_CardInfo   HAL_SD_CardInfoTypedef
 SD Card information structure.
#define MSD_OK   0x00
 SD status structure definition.
#define MSD_ERROR   0x01

Define Documentation

#define MSD_OK   0x00

SD status structure definition.

Definition at line 75 of file stm3210e_eval_sd.h.

Referenced by BSP_SD_Erase(), BSP_SD_Init(), BSP_SD_ReadBlocks(), BSP_SD_ReadBlocks_DMA(), BSP_SD_WriteBlocks(), and BSP_SD_WriteBlocks_DMA().

#define SD_CardInfo   HAL_SD_CardInfoTypedef

SD Card information structure.

Definition at line 70 of file stm3210e_eval_sd.h.

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