STM3210E_EVAL BSP User Manual: STM3210E EVAL LCD Private Functions


STM3210E_EVAL BSP User Manual
STM3210E EVAL LCD Private Functions


static void LCD_DrawPixel (uint16_t Xpos, uint16_t Ypos, uint16_t RGBCode)
 Draws a pixel on LCD.
static void LCD_DrawChar (uint16_t Xpos, uint16_t Ypos, const uint8_t *pChar)
 Draws a character on LCD.
static void LCD_SetDisplayWindow (uint16_t Xpos, uint16_t Ypos, uint16_t Width, uint16_t Height)
 Sets display window.

Function Documentation

static void LCD_DrawChar ( uint16_t  Xpos,
uint16_t  Ypos,
const uint8_t *  pChar 
) [static]

Draws a character on LCD.

Xpos,:Line where to display the character shape
Ypos,:Start column address
pChar,:Pointer to the character data

Definition at line 1012 of file stm3210e_eval_lcd.c.

References LCD_DrawPropTypeDef::BackColor, bitmap, BSP_LCD_DrawBitmap(), OFFSET_BITMAP, LCD_DrawPropTypeDef::pFont, and LCD_DrawPropTypeDef::TextColor.

Referenced by BSP_LCD_DisplayChar().

static void LCD_DrawPixel ( uint16_t  Xpos,
uint16_t  Ypos,
uint16_t  RGBCode 
) [static]

Draws a pixel on LCD.

Xpos,:X position
Ypos,:Y position
RGBCode,:Pixel color in RGB mode (5-6-5)

Definition at line 991 of file stm3210e_eval_lcd.c.

References lcd_drv, and LCD_SwapXY.

Referenced by BSP_LCD_DrawCircle(), BSP_LCD_DrawEllipse(), BSP_LCD_DrawHLine(), BSP_LCD_DrawLine(), and BSP_LCD_DrawVLine().

static void LCD_SetDisplayWindow ( uint16_t  Xpos,
uint16_t  Ypos,
uint16_t  Width,
uint16_t  Height 
) [static]

Sets display window.

Xpos,:LCD X position
Ypos,:LCD Y position
Width,:LCD window width
Height,:LCD window height

Definition at line 1082 of file stm3210e_eval_lcd.c.

References lcd_drv.

Referenced by BSP_LCD_DrawBitmap(), and BSP_LCD_DrawVLine().

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