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GS5_Intf.h File Reference

gsCore C API Interface More...

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 GameShield name space.


 Invalid GS5 object handle is NULL.
#define GS_USER_EVENT   0x10000000
 User defined event id must >= GS_USER_EVENT.
Entity Status Attributes
 Entity is currently accessible.
 Entity's license is fully activated, no expire /trial limits at all.
 Entity is active (being accessed via gsBeginAccessEntity())
 Entity is locked.
 Entity is auto-start.
License Model Property Permission
#define LM_PARAM_HIDDEN   1
 the param is invisible from SDK apis
#define LM_PARAM_TEMP   2
 the param is not persistent (not saved in local license storage)
#define LM_PARAM_READ   4
 the param can read via SDK apis
#define LM_PARAM_WRITE   8
 the param can write via SDK apis
#define LM_PARAM_INHERIT   16
 the param is inheritable (new build will inherit value from old build when license upgrading)
Application Events
#define EVENT_APP_BEGIN   1
 Application just gets started, please initialize. More...
#define EVENT_APP_END   2
 Application is going to terminate, last signal before game exits.
 Alarm: Application detects the clock is rolled back.
 Fatal Error: Application integrity is corrupted.
#define EVENT_APP_RUN   5
 Application starts to run, last signal before game code is executing.
License Events
 License event id range: [100, 199].
 Original license is uploaded to license store for the first time.
 The application's license store is connected /initialized successfully (gsCore::gsInit() == 0)
#define EVENT_LICENSE_FAIL   103
 The application's license store cannot be connected /initialized! (gsCore::gsInit() != 0)
 License is loading...
Entity Events
 Entity event id range [200, 299].
 Alarm: Entity access invalid (due to expiration, etc)
 Internal ping event indicating entity is still alive.
 Action Applied to Entity The status of attached licenses have been modified by applying license action. More...
Generic actions

Action IDs

#define ACT_UNLOCK   1
 Unlock entity / license.
#define ACT_LOCK   2
 Lock down entity / license.
#define ACT_SET_PARAM   3
#define ACT_ENABLE_PARAM   4
 Enable Copy protection feature (NodeLock)
 Disable Copy protection feature (NodeLock)
#define ACT_CLEAN   11
 Clean up local license storage.
#define ACT_DUMMY   12
 Dummy action, carry only client id.
#define ACT_PUSH   13
#define ACT_PULL   14
#define ACT_NAG_ON   15
 Enable Demo Nag UI.
#define ACT_NAG_OFF   16
 Disable Demo Nag UI.
#define ACT_ONE_SHOT   17
 Activation Code can be used only once.
#define ACT_SHELFTIME   18
 Activation Code has a shelf time.
#define ACT_FP_FIX   19
 FingerPrint Mismatch Fix.
#define ACT_REVOKE   20
 Revoke local license.
LM-specific actions
#define ACT_ADD_ACCESSTIME   100
 Increase /Decrease access time (LM.expire.accessTime)
#define ACT_SET_ACCESSTIME   101
 Sets access time (LM.expire.accessTime)
#define ACT_SET_STARTDATE   102
 Sets start date (LM.expire.hardDate)
#define ACT_SET_ENDDATE   103
 Sets end date (LM.expire.hardDate)
 Sets maximum execution session time (LM.expire.sessionTime)
 Sets expire period (LM.expire.period)
 Increases / Decreases expire period (LM.expire.period)
 Sets expire duration (LM.expire.duration)
 Increases / Decreases expire duration (LM.expire.duration)


typedef void * gs::gs_handle_t
 GS5 Object handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TEntityHandle
 Entity Object handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TLicenseHandle
 License Object Handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TVarHandle
 Variable / Parameter Object Handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TMonitorHandle
 GS5 event monitor object handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TActionHandle
 Action Object Handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TRequestHandle
 Request Object Handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TEventHandle
 Event Object Handle.
typedef gs_handle_t gs::TEventSourceHandle
 Event Source Object Handle.
typedef const char * gs::entity_id_t
 Entity Id is a string.
typedef const char * gs::license_id_t
 License Id is a string.
typedef unsigned char gs::action_id_t
 Action Id is a unsigned byte.
typedef int gs::var_type_t
 Variable TypeId is an int.


enum  gs::TLicensePolicy { gs::POLICY_INVALID, gs::POLICY_ANY, gs::POLICY_ALL }
 License Policy. More...
enum  gs::TLicenseStatus { gs::STATUS_INVALID = -1, gs::STATUS_LOCKED = 0, gs::STATUS_UNLOCKED = 1, gs::STATUS_ACTIVE = 2 }
 License Status. More...
enum  gs::TEventType { gs::EVENT_TYPE_APP = 0, gs::EVENT_TYPE_LICENSE = 100, gs::EVENT_TYPE_ENTITY = 200, gs::EVENT_TYPE_USER = 0x10000000 }
 Defines Event Type Base. More...


int gs::gsInit (const char *productId, const char *origLic, const char *password, void *reserved)
 One-time Initialization of gsCore. More...
int gs::gsLoadFromLocalStorage (const char *productId, const char *password)
 Loads from Local Storage (* Read Only*) More...
int gs::gsLoadFromLicenseFile (const char *productLic, const char *productId, const char *password)
 Loads from external license file (* Read Only*) More...
int gs::gsCleanUp ()
 Finalize the gsCore. More...
const char * gs::gsGetVersion ()
 Get the current SDK version.
void gs::gsCloseHandle (gs_handle_t handle)
 Close GS5 Object Handle. More...
void gs::gsFlush ()
 Save pending license changes in memory to local storage. More...
const char * gs::gsGetLastErrorMessage ()
 Get the last error message. More...
int gs::gsGetLastErrorCode ()
 Get the last error code. More...
int gs::gsGetBuildId ()
 Returns the Build Id of the running binary release. More...
const char * gs::gsGetProductName ()
 Get Product Name See: ProductName.
const char * gs::gsGetProductId ()
 Get Product Id See: ProductId.
bool gs::gsRunInWrappedMode ()
 Test if the current process is running inside GS5 Ironwrapper runtime. More...
const char * gs::gsGetAppRootPath ()
 Gets the root path of the application.
const char * gs::gsGetAppCommandLine ()
 Gets the startup game exe commandline.
const char * gs::gsGetAppMainExe ()
 Gets the full path to the startup game exe.
const char * gs::gsRevoke ()
 Revokes local license. More...
bool gs::gsIsNodeLocked ()
 Node Lock ( Copy Protection )
Entity APIs
int gs::gsGetEntityCount ()
 Get the total number of entities defined in the application's license file. More...
TEntityHandle gs::gsOpenEntityByIndex (int index)
 Get the entity object by index. More...
TEntityHandle gs::gsOpenEntityById (entity_id_t entityId)
 Get the entity object by entity's unique id. More...
unsigned int gs::gsGetEntityAttributes (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Get the entity's current license status. More...
entity_id_t gs::gsGetEntityId (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Get the entity's unique id. More...
const char * gs::gsGetEntityName (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Get the entity's name. More...
const char * gs::gsGetEntityDescription (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Get the entity's description. More...
TLicensePolicy gs::gsGetEntityLicensePolicy (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Get the entity's license policy (ref: LicensePolicy) More...
bool gs::gsBeginAccessEntity (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Try start accessing an entity. More...
bool gs::gsEndAccessEntity (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Try end accessing an entity. More...
License APIs
int gs::gsGetLicenseCount (TEntityHandle hEntity)
 Gets the total number of licenses currently attached to an entity.
TLicenseHandle gs::gsOpenLicenseByIndex (TEntityHandle hEntity, int index)
 Gets license object handle by its index. More...
TLicenseHandle gs::gsOpenLicenseById (TEntityHandle hEntity, license_id_t licenseId)
 Gets license object handle by its id. More...
license_id_t gs::gsGetLicenseId (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Gets the license object's license id.
const char * gs::gsGetLicenseName (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Gets the license object's license name.
const char * gs::gsGetLicenseDescription (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Gets the license object's license description.
TLicenseStatus gs::gsGetLicenseStatus (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Gets the license object's license status (ref: LicenseStatus)
bool gs::gsIsLicenseValid (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Is license currently valid?
TEntityHandle gs::gsGetLicensedEntity (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Get the entity object to which the license is attached.
int gs::gsGetLicenseParamCount (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Get total number of parameters in a license.
TVarHandle gs::gsGetLicenseParamByIndex (TLicenseHandle hLicense, int index)
 Get the license parameter by its index, ranges [0, gsGetLicenseParamCount()-1 ].
TVarHandle gs::gsGetLicenseParamByName (TLicenseHandle hLicense, const char *name)
 Get the license parameter by its name.
Action APIs
int gs::gsGetActionInfoCount (TLicenseHandle hLicense)
 Gets total number of actions appliable to a license Ref: ActionInfo.
const char * gs::gsGetActionInfoByIndex (TLicenseHandle hLicense, int index, action_id_t *actionId)
 Gets action information by index (ref: ActionInfo) More...
const char * gs::gsGetActionName (TActionHandle hAct)
 Gets action name.
action_id_t gs::gsGetActionId (TActionHandle hAct)
 Gets action unique id.
const char * gs::gsGetActionDescription (TActionHandle hAct)
 Gets action description.
const char * gs::gsGetActionString (TActionHandle hAct)
 Gets action what-to-do string (ref: What to do action string)
int gs::gsGetActionParamCount (TActionHandle hAct)
 Gets the total number of action parameters.
TVarHandle gs::gsGetActionParamByName (TActionHandle hAct, const char *paramName)
 Gets action parameter by its name. More...
TVarHandle gs::gsGetActionParamByIndex (TActionHandle hAct, int index)
 Gets action parameter by its index. More...
Variable / Parameter APIs
TVarHandle gs::gsAddVariable (const char *varName, TVarType varType, int attr, const char *initValStr)
 Adds a user defined variable. More...
bool gs::gsRemoveVariable (const char *varName)
 Remove a user defined variable. More...
TVarHandle gs::gsGetVariable (const char *varName)
 Gets a user defined variable. More...
int gs::gsGetTotalVariables ()
 Get total number of user defined variables.
TVarHandle gs::gsGetVariableByIndex (int index)
 Get user defined variable by its index.
const char * gs::gsGetVariableName (TVarHandle hVar)
 Get variable's name.
TVarType gs::gsGetVariableType (TVarHandle hVar)
 Get variable's type id (ref: varType)
bool gs::gsIsVariableValid (TVarHandle hVar)
 Is variable holds a valid value?
const char * gs::gsVariableTypeToString (var_type_t paramType)
 Convert variable's type id to type string (ref: varType)
int gs::gsGetVariableAttr (TVarHandle hVar)
 Gets variable's attribute (ref: varAttr)
const char * gs::gsVariableAttrToString (int attr, char *buf, int bufSize)
 Converts from variable's attribute value to its string format (ref: varAttr)
int gs::gsVariableAttrFromString (const char *attrStr)
 Converts from variable's attribute string to attribute value (ref: varAttr)
const char * gs::gsGetVariableValueAsString (TVarHandle hVar)
 Returns param value as value string. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromString (TVarHandle hVar, const char *valStr)
 Sets the variable's value from a string. More...
bool gs::gsGetVariableValueAsInt (TVarHandle hVar, int &val)
 Returns param value as a 32 bit integer. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromInt (TVarHandle hVar, int val)
 Sets the variable's value from an integer.
bool gs::gsGetVariableValueAsInt64 (TVarHandle hVar, int64_t &val)
 Returns param value as 64 bit integer. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromInt64 (TVarHandle hVar, int64_t val)
 Sets the variable's value from a 64 bit integer.
bool gs::gsGetVariableValueAsFloat (TVarHandle hVar, float &val)
 Returns param value as float. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromFloat (TVarHandle hVar, float val)
 Sets the variable's value from a float.
bool gs::gsGetVariableValueAsDouble (TVarHandle hVar, double &val)
 Returns param value as double. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromDouble (TVarHandle hVar, double val)
 Sets the variable's value from a double.
bool gs::gsGetVariableValueAsTime (TVarHandle hVar, time_t &val)
 Gets the variable's value as a time_t value. More...
bool gs::gsSetVariableValueFromTime (TVarHandle hVar, time_t val)
 Sets the variable's value from a time_t value.
Request APIs
TRequestHandle gs::gsCreateRequest ()
 Create a request object.
TActionHandle gs::gsAddRequestAction (TRequestHandle hReq, action_id_t actId, TLicenseHandle hLic)
 Create and add an action to the request. More...
TActionHandle gs::gsAddRequestActionEx (TRequestHandle hReq, action_id_t actId, const char *entityId, const char *licenseId)
 Create and add an action to the request. More...
const char * gs::gsGetRequestCode (TRequestHandle hReq)
 Generates the request code from the request object.
bool gs::gsApplyLicenseCode (const char *activationCode)
 Applys license code (aka. Activation Code)
HTML Render APIs
bool gs::gsRenderHTML (const char *url, const char *title, int width, int height)
 Rendering HTML page in process. More...
bool gs::gsRenderHTMLEx (const char *url, const char *title, int width, int height, bool resizable, bool exitAppWhenUIClosed, bool cleanUpAfterRendering)
 Rendering HTML with more control (Since SDK 5.0.7) More...
Debug Helpers
bool gs::gsIsDebugVersion ()
 Is the SDK binary a DEBUG version?
void gs::gsTrace (const char *msg)
 Output debug message. More...
Application Control APIs
void gs::gsExitApp (int rc)
 Exit application gracefully.
void gs::gsTerminateApp (int rc)
 Exit application forcefully.
void gs::gsPlayApp ()
 Continue running the application.
void gs::gsPauseApp ()
 Pauses the application.
void gs::gsResumeAndExitApp ()
 Resume a paused application and quit immediately.
void gs::gsRestartApp ()
 Restart the current application.
bool gs::gsIsRestartedApp ()
 Is the current application a restarted session?
Session Variables APIs
void gs::gsSetAppVar (const char *name, const char *val)
 Sets the value of an application session variable.
const char * gs::gsGetAppVar (const char *name)
 Gets the value of an application session variable.
User Defined Event APIs
void gs::gsPostUserEvent (unsigned int eventId, bool bSync, void *eventData, unsigned int eventDataSize)
 Post User Event. More...
void * gs::gsGetUserEventData (TEventHandle hEvent, unsigned int *evtDataSize)
 Gets user defined event data information. More...

Virtual Machine Support

#define VM_VMware   0x01
 VMware (
#define VM_VirtualPC   0x02
 Virtual PC (
#define VM_VirtualBox   0x04
 VirtualBox (
#define VM_Fusion   0x08
 VMWARE Fusion.
#define VM_Parallel   0x10
 Parallels (
#define VM_QEMU   0x20
typedef unsigned int gs::vm_mask_t
 Virtual Machine Id Mask.
bool gs::gsRunInsideVM (vm_mask_t vmask)

User Defined Variable

#define VAR_ATTR_READ   0x01
 Variable is readable. More...
#define VAR_ATTR_WRITE   0x02
 Variable is writable.
#define VAR_ATTR_PERSISTENT   0x04
 Variable is persisted to local storage.
#define VAR_ATTR_SECURE   0x08
 Variable is secured in memory.
#define VAR_ATTR_REMOTE   0x10
 Variable is persisted at server side.
#define VAR_ATTR_HIDDEN   0x20
 Variable cannot be enumerted via apis.
#define VAR_ATTR_SYSTEM   0x40
 Variable is reserved for internal system usage.
enum  gs::TVarType {
  gs::VAR_TYPE_INT = 7, gs::VAR_TYPE_INT64 = 8, gs::VAR_TYPE_FLOAT = 9, gs::VAR_TYPE_DOUBLE = 10 ,
  gs::VAR_TYPE_STRING = 20, gs::VAR_TYPE_TIME = 30
 User Defined Variable TypeId. More...

Detailed Description

gsCore C API Interface

These apis are flat-C style handle-based apis, OOP classes are recommended in GS5 extension development.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EVENT_APP_BEGIN   1

Application just gets started, please initialize.

When this event triggers, the local license has been initialized via gsInit().


The entity is deactivated now.

The listeners can revoke any protected resources here. (remove injected decrypting keys, etc.) Licenses are kept in inactive mode.


The entity is leaving now.

The listeners can revoke any protected resources here. (remove injected decrypting keys, etc.) Licenses are still in active mode.


The entity is being accessed.

The listeners can enable any protected resources here. (inject decrypting keys, etc.) The internal licenses status have changed to active mode.


Action Applied to Entity The status of attached licenses have been modified by applying license action.

It is called after the change has been made.


The entity is to be accessed.

The listeners might be able to modify the license store here. The internal licenses status are untouched. (inactive if not accessed before)


Application event id range: [0, 99]

#define VAR_ATTR_READ   0x01

Variable is readable.

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