Point represents a point in the plane, defined by its x and y coordinates.

Attribute / Method Short Description
Point.distance_to() calculate distance to point or rect
Point.transform() transform point with a matrix
Point.x the X-coordinate
Point.y the Y-coordinate

Class API

class Point
__init__(self, x, y)
__init__(self, point)
__init__(self, list)

Overloaded constructors.

Without parameters, Point(0, 0) will be created.

With another point specified, a new copy will be crated. A list must be Python sequence object of length 2. For a list, it is the user’s responsibility to only provide numeric entries - no error checking is done, and invalid entries will receive a value of -1.0.

  • x (float) – X coordinate of the point
  • y (float) – Y coordinate of the point
distance_to(x[, unit])

Calculates the distance to x, which may be a Rect, IRect or Point. The distance is given in units of either px (pixels, default), in (inches), mm (millimeters) or cm (centimeters).


If x is a rectangle, the distance is calculated as if the rectangle were finite.

  • x (Rect or IRect or Point) – the object to which the distance is calculated.
  • unit (str) – the unit to be measured in. One of px, in, cm, mm.

distance to object x.

Return type:


Applies matrix m to the point.
Parameters:m – The matrix to be applied.
Return type:Point
x Coordinate
y Coordinate


A point’s p attributes x and y can also be accessed as indices, e.g. p.x == p[0], and the tuple() and list() functions yield sequence objects of its components.

Point Algebra

For a general background, see chapter Operator Algebra for Geometry Objects.


This should illustrate some basic uses:

>>> fitz.Point(1, 2) * fitz.Matrix(90)
fitz.Point(-2.0, 1.0)
>>> fitz.Point(1, 2) * 3
fitz.Point(3.0, 6.0)
>>> fitz.Point(1, 2) + 3
fitz.Point(4.0, 5.0)
>>> fitz.Point(25, 30) + fitz.Point(1, 2)
fitz.Point(26.0, 32.0)
>>> fitz.Point(25, 30) + (1, 2)
fitz.Point(26.0, 32.0)
>>> fitz.Point([1, 2])
fitz.Point(1.0, 2.0)
>>> -fitz.Point(1, 2)
fitz.Point(-1.0, -2.0)
>>> abs(fitz.Point(25, 30))