Error Messages

This a list of exception messages raised by PyMuPDF together with an explanation and possible solution.

In addition, the underlying C library MuPDF also raises exceptions on the Python level. We have included a few of those as well and may extend this in future.

In general, RuntimeError is raised by the C-level (MuPdf or PyMuPDF), other exception types are always raised on the Python level.

annot has no /AP
  • Bad specification - no changes possible for this annotation.
arg 1 not bytes or bytearray
  • Specify parameter as type bytes or bytearray.
bad PDF: Contents is no stream object
  • The /Contents object(s) of a page must be streams. Repair PDF.
bad PDF: file has no stream
  • An embedded / attached file is not a stream. Repair PDF.
buffer too large to deflate
  • Internal error - report an issue.
cannot deflate buffer
  • Internal error - report an issue.
cannot open <path>: No such file or directory
  • Specify a valid file name / path.
cannot recognize archive
  • Trying to open an invalid CBZ document.
cannot recognize zip archive
  • Trying to open an invalid XPS document.
color components must be in range 0 to 1
  • Color components must be floats in interval [0, 1].
could not create UTF16 for ‘<name>’
  • Internal error - report an issue.
could not get string of ‘<name>’
  • Internal error - report an issue.
could not get UTF16 string of ‘<name>’
  • Internal error - report an issue.
could not load root object
  • Root object of PDF not found. Repair PDF.
encrypted file - save to new
  • Trying incremental save for a decrypted file. Save to a new file.
exactly one of filename, pixmap must be given
  • You either specified both parameters or none.
expected a sequence
  • Parameter type must be list, tuple, etc.
filename must be a string
  • Specify a valid file path / name.
filename must be string or None
  • Specify a valid file path / name or omit parameter.
filename must end with ‘.png’
  • writePNG() requires file extension .png.
filetype missing with stream specified
  • Document open from memory needs its type as a string.
fontname must be supplied
  • A new font file requires some (arbitrary) new reference name.
found code point nnn: increase charlimit
  • Trying to get a glyph width beyond the current table size limit.
incremental excludes garbage
  • Garbage collection cannot occur during incremental saves.
incremental excludes linear
  • Linearization cannot occur during incremental saves.
incremental save needs original file
  • Incremental save is only possible to the original file.
info not a dict
  • Specify correct Python parameter type.
invalid font - FontDescriptor missing
  • Specify correct XREF to read font.
invalid font descriptor subtype
  • Bad font description in PDF. Repair file.
unhandled font type / unhandled font type ‘<type>’
  • MuPDF does not yet handle this font type. Requesting method cannot be used, unfortunately. Report an issue.
invalid key in info dict
  • Dictionary key misspelled.
invalid page range
  • Page numbers must be in range [0, pageCount - 1].
invalid stream
  • Stream object updates need type bytes or bytearray.
len(samples) invalid
  • Length of samples must equal width * height * n (where n is the number of components per pixel).
line endpoints must be within page rect
  • The Page.rect must contain the points.
name already exists
  • The name is in use by some other embedded file.
name not valid
  • Specify a name of non-zero length.
need 3 color components
  • Only RGB colors are supported, which need three components.
no embedded files
  • PDF has no embedded files.
no objects found
  • Trying to open an invalid PDF, FB2, or EPUB document.
not a file attachment annot
  • Accessed an annotation with the wrong type.
not a PDF
  • Using some method or attribute only valid for PDF document type.
nothing to change
  • No data supplied for embedded file metadata change.
operation illegal for closed doc
  • Trying to use methods / properties after close of document.
orphaned object: parent is None
  • Accessing an object whose parent no longer exists (e.g. an annotation of an unavailable page).
invalid page number(s)
  • Page numbers must be integers < pageCount, but also non-negative for some methods.
rect must be contained in page rect
  • Image insertion requires a target rectangle contained in page.rect.
rect must be finite and not empty
  • Top-left corner must be “northeast” of bottom-right one, and rectangle area must be positive.
repaired file - save to new
  • Trying incremental save for file repaired during open. Use to a new file.
save to original requires incremental
  • Using original filename in without also specifying option incremental. Consider using doc.saveIncr().
sequence length must be <n>
  • Creating Point, Rect, Irect, Matrix with wrong length sequences.
some text is needed
  • Specify text with a positive length.
source and target too close
  • Target number of moved page pno must be > pno or < pno - 1.
source must not equal target PDF
  • Method doc.insertPDF() requires two distinct document objects (which may point to the same file, however).
source not a PDF
  • Method doc.insertPDF() only works with PDF documents.
source page out of range
  • Specify a valid page number.
target not a PDF
text position outside page height range
  • If text starts at Point point, fontsize <= point.y <= (page height - fontsize * 1.2) must be true.
type(ap) invalid
  • Internal error - report an issue.
type(imagedata) invalid
  • Use type bytearray.
type(samples) invalid
  • Use type bytes or bytearray.
unknown PDF Base 14 font
  • Use a valid PDF standard font name.
xref entry is not an image
  • Trying to create a pixmap from a non-image PDF object.
xref invalid
  • Internal error - report an issue.
xref is not a stream
  • Trying to access the stream part of a non-stream object.
xref out of range
  • PDF xref numbers must be 1 <= xref <= doc._getXrefLength().