NiTE 2.0: nite::PoseData Class Reference

NiTE 2.0

nite::PoseData Class Reference

#include <NiTE.h>

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Public Member Functions

PoseType getType () const
bool isEntered () const
bool isExited () const
bool isHeld () const

Detailed Description

This class wraps the output from the NiTE Pose Detection algorithms.

NiTE provides the ability for applications to detect whether a user is in a specific pose. This is most commonly used for skeleton calibration. The algorithm passes through a number of different states during the process of Pose Detection.

For each user being analyzed, this class stores the pose being detected and the state of that detection.

Member Function Documentation

PoseType nite::PoseData::getType ( ) const [inline]

Get the type of this pose.

The type of pose being detected, formatted as a PoseType.
bool nite::PoseData::isEntered ( ) const [inline]

Checks whether this is the first frame in which the user has assumed the pose indicated by PoseData::getType()

True if the user is in the pose indicated AND the user was not in that pose on the previous frame. Returns false otherwise.
bool nite::PoseData::isExited ( ) const [inline]

Check if the user has exited the pose in this frame.

True if the user is NOT in the pose indicated, and was in the previous frame. Returns false otherwise.
bool nite::PoseData::isHeld ( ) const [inline]

Checks if the user is currently in the pose indicated by the PoseData::getType() function.

True if the user is in the pose indicated, False otherwise.

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