NiTE 2.0: nite::HandData Class Reference

NiTE 2.0

nite::HandData Class Reference

#include <NiTE.h>

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Public Member Functions

HandId getId () const
const Point3fgetPosition () const
bool isLost () const
bool isNew () const
bool isTouchingFov () const
bool isTracking () const

Detailed Description

This class stores data on a single hand during a single frame of hand detection by the .

It can be used to find out where the hand is in space, the hand's ID, and the tracking status.

All positions are given in "real world" coordinates. See the OpenNI 2.0 documentation for more information on the coordinate systems used by OpenNI/NiTE.

See also:
HandTracker for more information on hand tracking.

Member Function Documentation

HandId nite::HandData::getId ( ) const [inline]

Get the ID of the hand referred to by this data.

HandId of this hand.
const Point3f& nite::HandData::getPosition ( ) const [inline]

Get the position in space of the hand during this frame.

Position of the hand.
bool nite::HandData::isLost ( ) const [inline]

Indicates whether the hand tracking algorithm has lost track of the hand. This can happen, for example, if the hand leaves the field of view of the sensor or becomes occluded.

True if this hand is no longer being tracked.
bool nite::HandData::isNew ( ) const [inline]

Indicates if the hand referred to by this object is newly tracked.

True if this is the first frame that this hand has been detected in, false otherwise.
bool nite::HandData::isTouchingFov ( ) const [inline]

Indicates whether the hand is at the edge of the sensor field of view.

True if the hand is at the edge of the field of view, false otherwise.
bool nite::HandData::isTracking ( ) const [inline]

Indicates whether this hand is being actively tracked.

True if hand is being successfully tracked, false otherwise.

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