NiTE 2.0: nite::NiTE Class Reference

NiTE 2.0

nite::NiTE Class Reference

#include <NiTE.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static Version getVersion ()
static Status initialize ()
static void shutdown ()

Detailed Description

The NiTE class is a static entry point to the library.

All applications that expect to use the NiTE middleware should run the NiTE.initialize() function before using any other API calls. Before the application exits, the application should run the NiTE.shutdown() function to properly close the API.

Member Function Documentation

static Version nite::NiTE::getVersion ( ) [inline, static]

This function allows you to obtain the current version of the NiTE installation. This is useful for verifying application compatibility with the currently used version of NiTE, and for reporting this information to the user for troubleshooting purposes. In general, there should be minimal version conflict problems, as NiTE and OpenNI applications each contain their own copy of the API runtime files.

The version of the current NiTE installation.
static Status nite::NiTE::initialize ( ) [inline, static]

Initializes the NiTE API. This function should be called before using any other API functionality.

A status code of type Status that indicates success/failure of the initialization.
static void nite::NiTE::shutdown ( ) [inline, static]

Shuts down the API, properly releasing all resources used by NiTE. This should be called by all NiTE applications before they close.

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