About This Release of Enterprise Library

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

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This section contains the following topics that will help you to understand this release of Enterprise Library and how you use it alongside earlier versions or migrate your applications to this version. This section includes the following topics:

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What's new in this release of Enterprise Library

Changes in This Release

The contents of Enterprise Library

Contents of Enterprise Library

How to configure Enterprise Library

Configuring Enterprise Library

How to use Enterprise Library in your applications

Using Enterprise Library in Applications

How to use dependency injection to create objects

Creating and Referencing Enterprise Library Objects

How to deploy Enterprise Library

Deploying Enterprise Library

How to extend Enterprise Library

Extending and Modifying Enterprise Library

How to create custom provider and extensions

Creating Custom Providers for Enterprise Library

The design of Enterprise Library

Design of Enterprise Library

How Enterprise Library uses dependency injection

The Dependency Injection Model

Using the Caching Application Block

The Caching Application Block

Using the Cryptography Application Block

The Cryptography Application Block

Using the Data Access Application Block

The Data Access Application Block

Using the Exception Handling Application Block

The Exception Handling Application Block

Using the Logging Application Block

The Logging Application Block

Using the Security Application Block

The Security Application Block

Using the Validation Application Block

The Validation Application Block

Using the Unity Dependency Injection System

Dependency Injection with Unity

Using the Unity Interception Mechanism

Interception with Unity

Additional guidance and information

The Community Web Site on CodePlex