The Cryptography Application Block

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

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Developers frequently write applications that require encryption and hashing capabilities to meet the security requirements of their organization. Data that is created and maintained by applications, as well as configuration information, often needs to be encrypted. Additionally, passwords that are used to access application functionality or data need to be hashed.

The Enterprise Library Cryptography Application Block simplifies the way developers incorporate cryptographic functionality in their applications. Applications can use the block for a variety of tasks, such as encrypting information, creating a hash from data, and comparing hash values to verify that data has not been altered. In addition, you can change the underlying providers through configuration without changing the underlying application code.

The Cryptography Application Block includes support for the following features:

  • Encryption algorithms
  • Hashing algorithms
  • Multiple cryptography providers
  • Additional implementations of cryptography providers
  • Key protection with the data protection API (DPAPI)

This section includes the following topics that will help you to understand and use the Cryptography Application Block:

More Information

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