Design of Enterprise Library

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

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Enterprise Library incorporates a set of best practices in its overall design. Among these are the following:

  • It uses common application block functionality (the Enterprise Library Core).
  • It uses uniform conventions for naming and versioning.
  • It incorporates instrumentation into all application blocks.
  • It uses unit tests written during the design phase.

The section describes the design of Enterprise Library and includes the following topics:

  • Design Patterns. This topic describes the use of design patterns within Enterprise Library.
  • The Enterprise Library Core. This topic describes the Enterprise Library Core, including the configuration system.
  • Providers. This topic describes the use of providers to implement extensibility.
  • Design Time Configuration. This topic describes the design-time configuration features of Enterprise Library.
  • The Dependency Injection Model. This topic describes the dependency injection mechanism used by Enterprise Library to instantiate objects and manage their lifetimes.
  • Instrumentation. This topic describes the implementation of instrumentation within Enterprise Library.
  • Group Policy Support. This topic describes Group Policy support using the Manageable Configuration Source.
  • Unit Tests. This topic describes the use of unit tests within Enterprise Library.