Global Settings

Kvaser Hardware

Global Settings Section

The Global Settings section holds different general settings that are not specifically hardware oriented, such as application options.

Disable all Sounds

The "Disable all Sounds" option enables/disables all devices sounds.

Disable automatic sounds on driver events

The "Disable automatic sounds on driver events" enables/disables the automatic sounds.

Enable old-style time syncfor LAPcan

The "Enable old-style time syncfor LAPcan" enables/disables the old style timesync for Kvaser LAPcan cards.
NOTE: This will not affect MagiSync.

Kvaser Leaf Settings

The button "Settings..." opens a dialog like the one shown below. It is possible to change the cpu load for each leaf.
To set all units to use the same cpu load simply mark the leaf with desired value and press "Set All" button. "Restore Defaults" sets all selected units to default value 6.

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