GTA SA Control Center Help

GTA SA Control Center

This is our latest open source trainer project for GTA Series.

We hereby thank to all coders for finding memory locations, coding several functios and for providing us a communication platform during the development of the control center.

The GTA SA Control Center is a moddable trainer with several controls for player, vehicle, weather and gameplay, integrated garage editor with mod support, integrated cheat inserter and editor, a teleport center with game map for visual teleporting, 124 console commands freely mappable to keyboard for in-game controlling, and several bonus features.

The control center currently supports the v1.0 and v1.1 of GTA SA. Some functions are bound to SCM, and are available only if you are using the original SCM. If you uncheck the 'is SCM Original' checkbox on Page 6, you can use the control center safely for all functions, except for the girlfriend progress controls (which then become disabled).