GTA SA Control Center - GTASACheats

GTA SA Control Center


Edit at your own risk. Consists of Cheat Data for GTASA Control Center.

This file gets regenerated when you click on Save Changes to Config File button. If you delete this file, it will be regenerated by the next time you run GTA SA Control Center.

Section: GTASACheats

Each GTA SA cheat has its own UID to make it unique within the sessions of GTA SA control center.

If you are not sure what a UID is, please use the control center user interface to edit this file.

Seperator character is '|' (pipe) and no white-space or tab's are allowed.


#UID                                |Folder                |Cheat  |Description
2608DD1D-5704-F841-85E5-4EDCC39226A5|GTA SA Cheats\Gameplay|CPKTNWT|Blow Up All Cars