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GTA SA Control Center


Edit at your own risk. Consists of Car Data and Color Data for GTASA Control Center. If you delete this file, it will be regenerated by the next time you run GTASA_Center. This file has three sections:

Section: DATVersion

This is the version of the GTASAData.dat, implemented to enable regenerating this file during version changes Current version is 2.0.0, and thereby has only one line of information with the value of '200'

Section: GTASACars

Seperator is ',' (comma) for main list, and ';' for Modification part. White-space and tabs are allowed.

This list must have all CarID's complete. The control center reads the CarID from game memory, and compares with this list to get additional information on the vehicle. Please edit carefully. This is also used as GTASA Control Center Vehicle Detail Table for Parking in Garages.

Non-drivable vehicles (as AirTrain) and boats should not be parked at all (edit at your own risk). Planes are not parkable at some garages (due to size of parkable area in the garage).

Type 'truck' means that the vehicle is parked 1/3 outside of the garage so that you can enter in (used only for small garages otherwise handled as car). Please do not edit the ID of the cars. The Vehicle ID is the only reference to the vehicles.ide of GTA San Andreas. Type is used by the control center to decide several aspects of the vehicle dynamics, for example on prevent wheel damage, or teleport. Please do not change the vehicle type, as it goes hand in hand with the CarID. Car Name is free-text, and alters the name that is shown in the vehicle selection combo of the garage editor. The X/Y/Z dimensions are for calculating the parking coordinates of the vehicles in the garages. These values are mostly taken from GTA3 and GTAVC handling.dat files for similar vehicles. hHandling is the hexadecimal handling flags from gta sa handling.dat. This is needed to park a given vehicle into a garage with all normal handling capabilities (ie monster truck with rear-wheel handling). isParkable is the flag to prevent this vehicle from appearing from garage editor vehicle selection list. Some vehicles are not parkable (ie. trains), and gta sa crashes if you force-park them in a garage. Minor Color and Major Colors are pre-selection colors for each vehicle when parking in a garage for the first time. Please check the GTASAColors section for details. Allowed Modifications are coded in HEX, and separated with ';'. There are 4 different type of modifications. The Standard mods apply to standard moddable cars. The Generic Mods are Nitro, Bas Boost and Hydraulics. Wheels Mods are for changing the wheels.

There are also Mods that are assigned to a specific CarID. These can only be used with this CarID, as they have a hard coded DFF object reference to the given car within GTA SA. Please see the Complete List of Modifications for details.


# Id  CarName    Type Dim.x  Dim.y  Dim.z  hHandling  isParkable  MinorColor  MajorColor  Allowed Modifications
445,  Admiral,   car, 200,   490,   150,   400000,    1,          34,         34,         3F0;3F1;3F2;43E;43F
602,  Alpha,     car, 200,   500,   200,   200000,    1,          58,         1,          3F0;3F1;3F2;43E;43F
416,  Ambulance, car, 220,   650,   200,   4,         1,          1,          3
Section: GTASAColors

This section is a copy of the car color data file of GTA SA.

If you have edited the original carcol.dat file, please edit this section to see the colors as they appear in GTA SA.

The RGB is Red,Green,Blue weight of the color. The ID is the Car Color ID that is used by GTA SA. This is hard-coded. Please edit appropritely. The ToolTipText is a free-text entry, and will be read into tooltiptext of the clickable color labels on the color selection window in GTA SA Control Center.


# RGB           ID ToolTipText        (not used)
0,0,0           # 0 black             black
245,245,245     # 1 white             white
42,119,161      # 2 police car blue   blue