Autodesk Reference Manager

absolute path

A fully specified path name for a file; for example, C:\Data\Projects\Floorplan.dwg. See also relative path.

current working folder

The folder in which an application is executed.

found path

The folder hierarchy where Reference Manager found a referenced file. See also saved path.

host drawing

A drawing that contains a reference to another file.

host version

The AutoCAD database version of the host drawing.

reference file

A file that is referenced by an AutoCAD drawing file.

Reference list

The right pane of the Reference Manager window, which lists the references in the drawings selected in the Reference Manager tree view. See also tree view.

relative path

A partially specified path name that depends on the working current folder to provide complete path information for a file; for example, \Projects\Floorplan.dwg. See also absolute path.

saved reference path

The folder hierarchy of a file reference that is saved in a drawing file. A saved reference path is also known as a saved path. See also found path.

tree view

The left pane of the Reference Manager window, which lists selected drawings and the files that they reference. See also Reference list.