Export Report Dialog Box

Autodesk Reference Manager

Export Report Dialog Box
 Menu: Toolbar
 Menu: File Export Report

Exports a report of the references in the drawing files that are currently added in Reference Manager.

Places List

Provides quick access to predefined file locations. Click the Look In arrow to view the path for each icon. You can reorder the icons in the Places list by dragging them to a new location. To add a new icon to the Places list, drag a folder from the Files list to the Places list, or right-click an existing icon and click Add or Add Current Folder on the shortcut menu. This shortcut menu also provides options for removing and modifying icons, or restoring default icons that have been removed. Changes to the Places list affect all standard file selection dialog boxes.

  • History. Displays shortcuts to the files most recently accessed from the dialog box. It is recommended that you periodically remove unwanted shortcuts from the History list. Select History, then select the unwanted shortcuts from the Files list and click Delete. To sort the shortcuts by date, click Views Details, and then click the Modified column in the Files list.
  • Personal/My Documents. Displays the contents of the Personal or My Documents folder for the current user profile. The name of this location ("Personal" or "My Documents") depends on your operating system version.
  • Favorites. Displays the contents of the Favorites folder for the current user profile. This folder consists of shortcuts to files or folders that you added to Favorites using the Tools Add to Favorites option in the dialog box.
  • Desktop. Displays the contents of your desktop.
Look In

Displays the current folder or drive. Click the arrow to view the hierarchy of the folder path and to navigate up the path tree or to other drives or network connections.


Returns to the previous file location.

Up One Level

Navigates one level up in the current path tree.

Search the Web

Displays the Browse the Web dialog box, from which you can store the report file on the Internet.


Deletes the selected file or folder.

Create New Folder

Creates a new folder in the current path using a name that you specify.


Controls the appearance of the Files list.

  • List. Displays the contents of the Files list in a multicolumn format.
  • Details. Displays the contents of the Files list in a single-column format with file details shown.

Provides the following tools to help you with file selection:

  • Find. Displays the Find dialog box, in which you can search for files using name, location, and date-modified filters.
  • Locate. Not available in Reference Manager.
  • Add Current Folder to Places. Adds an icon for the selected folder to the Places list, providing quick access to that folder from all standard file selection dialog boxes. To remove the icon, right-click the icon and click Remove.
  • Add to Favorites. Creates a shortcut to the current Look In location, or to the selected file or folder. The shortcut is placed in the Favorites folder for the current user profile, which you can access by clicking Favorites in the Places list.
Files List

Displays the files and folders in the current path and of the selected file type. Use the Views menu in the dialog box to switch between List view and Details view.

File Name

Displays the name of the file you select in the Files list. If you enter a file name in the File Name box, Reference Manager clears any selection. You can use wild-card characters to filter files displayed in the Files list.

Files of Type

Filters the list of files by file type.


Saves the file under the specified file name, file type, and location.