Autodesk Reference Manager Window

Autodesk Reference Manager

Autodesk Reference Manager Window
 Menu: Start menu (Windows) Programs Autodesk AutoCAD Reference Manager

Provides two panes for listing referenced files in selected drawings and modifying saved reference paths without opening the drawings in AutoCAD.

Tree View

Displays a pane on the left with a tree view of drawings and the file references saved in them. You add drawing files to the tree view to make the file reference paths that are saved in them available for editing. The information in the tree view can be listed in two styles: List by Drawing or List by Reference Type.

All Drawings

Displays a list of drawings added to the tree view. Each drawing node can be expanded to display several types of file reference. Each type of file reference can also be expanded to display the references of that type. Drawings with xrefs may contain several nesting levels of references. If one or more references in a drawing cannot be located, the drawing icon is broken diagonally. If the missing reference is an xref, the icon for the xref displays with a red exclamation point (!) in it.

By Reference

Displays a list of reference types saved in the drawings that have been added to the tree view. Each reference type can be expanded to display a list of the files of that type.

Reference List

Displays a pane on the right with the file references from the item selected in the tree view. If All Drawings or By Reference is selected in the tree view, all references are displayed in the Reference list. Information about each reference is displayed under several columns.


Identifies the type of reference file. Supported reference types include xref attachments, xref overlays, text fonts, plot styles, plot configurations, standards, images, and shapes.


Identifies whether a reference was found using the path saved in the drawing (Resolved), a path different from the one saved in the drawing (Found in Different Location), or whether the reference could not be located (Not Found).

File Name

Displays the name and extension of the referenced file; for example, txt.shx.

Reference Name

Displays the name used for the reference in the drawing. For example, Standard is the default name assigned to txt.shx.

Saved Path

The path that is currently saved in the drawing for the reference. If Saved Path is blank, it means that no path was saved for the reference and AutoCAD will search for it using an assigned search path.

Found Path

The path where the referenced file will be found by AutoCAD.

Host Drawing

The drawing file that contains the reference.

Host Version

The database version of the AutoCAD drawing that contains the reference. Several releases of AutoCAD may use the same database version.