Storing Block Definitions in an Oracle Spatial Database

AutoCAD Map 3D ObjectARX

Storing Block Definitions in an Oracle Spatial Database

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The "Storing Blocks" sample is an ObjectARX project located in the Map Samples\AcMapFlatOrclBlock folder in AutoCAD Map 3D ObjectARX installations.

Classes highlighted

It highlights the following Oracle Spatial classes.


The following classes are included also, but their use is less extensive.


Commands implemented

The project creates an rx module which exposes the following commands.

  • SAVEBLOCKTOORACLE installs custom export and connection reactors. These reactors enable storing block definitions in an Oracle database.
  • LOADBLOCKSFROMORACLE reads block definitions from an Oracle database and places them in the table record of the active project drawing. This command should be executed to set block definitions in place before importing block references.
  • STOPSAVEBLOCKTOORACLE removes the custom reactors that were added by SAVEBLOCKTOORACLE.


Keep in mind that the purpose of this application is to instruct. Use it with caution. It lacks extensive error handling, and it may bog down when the data set is large.