Deleting a User Group

Hummingbird User Manager

Deleting a User Group

Deleting a user group does not deny a user access to or uninstall the Hummingbird product from user group member profiles. Once you delete a user group, former user group members retain access to the Hummingbird product. However, these group members no longer maintain the customized settings provided by the overrides applied to their group. Instead, they have access to the Hummingbird product with only the settings and overrides applied to all users.

To delete a group name:

  1. In the User Manager dialog box, select the Hummingbird product for which you want to delete a user group and click Properties.
  2. In the Managed Product Properties dialog box, click the Groups tab.
  3. In the Select Group area of the Groups page, select the group you want to delete and click Delete.
  4. At the prompt, select Yes.
  5. On the Overrides page, select OK or Apply.

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