About the Display Assignment Type

Hummingbird User Manager

About the Display Assignment Type

For Exceed, Exceed XDK, and PowerSuite, you can use overrides to specify a display assignment type. Because each Exceed user must have a unique display number to see the X clients properly, the display assignment type determines how this number is generated.

Exceed assigns display numbers to users either through Static assignment (for permanent use) or Dynamic assignment (for temporary use):

  • Dynamic display assignment lets Exceed choose what display number to use each time Exceed is started. Exceed examines the available pool of display numbers and selects the lowest value available. Once a display number is selected, it is not available for anyone else. When Exceed exits, the display number is placed back into the pool. As a result, changing the Display Number value in the Xconfig Communication dialog box has no effect. For more information on Xconfig, see the Exceed User’s Guide.
  • Static display assignment assigns the user a unique display number during the per-user installation process. Exceed selects the lowest display from the available pool of display numbers at the time of the installation; it sets this display value inside Xconfig and sets the value to read-only.

You can specify the display assignment type using overrides. For more Overrides List.