Deploying Custom User Files

Hummingbird User Manager

Deploying Custom User Files

If you want to install custom files for specific groups or users, you can create an override called CustomUserDirectoryList to distribute the custom user files to users during the per-user installation process. For example, you may want to distribute a custom .XS file or custom .hep file.

The CustomUserDirectoryList override consists of a semicolon-delimited list of directory names. Hummingbird User Manager copies the contents of each of these directories into the user profile during the per-user installation.

  To install global custom files (for all users), it is easier to make the change in the global template user directory (the files/folders located in the Default User folder tree).

Specifying the Source Root

By default, the root for the directories specified in CustomUserDirectoryList is the directory containing the original Hummingbird Product.msi file, where Hummingbird Product is the name of your Hummingbird product. You can use the SOURCEDIR override to modify this location, but keep in mind that changing SOURCEDIR affects all source files copied, not only custom files.

For example, assume the original source directory root is \\server\share. If you set CustomUserDirectoryList to Accounting;Everyone, then Hummingbird User Manager will merge two directory trees into the root of the user profile:

  • First, \\server\share\Accounting and all files and directories within will be copied to AppDataFolder\Hummingbird\Connectivity\version, where AppDataFolder is the Application Data folder in the user profile and version is the version number of the Hummingbird product.
  • Next, \\server\share\Everyone and all contents within will be copied to this same destination.

If both Accounting and Everyone contain one or more files with the same destination paths, the last file copied of the same name will be the final file available to the user.

To make additional Exceed-specific application files available to users, place them in the correct source folder for Exceed to find them when launching. For example, any files placed in \\server\share\directoryname\Exceed will be available for Exceed to use if you add directoryname to the CustomUserDirectoryList override for the appropriate user.

Uninstalling Custom Files

Hummingbird User Manager uses the contents of CustomUserDirectoryList during both installation and uninstallation. All user files, whether custom or global, that are located in one of the default user folders are removed during uninstallation.

Any custom files that are also part of the default installation file list are always removed correctly from the user profile.

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