Using the FREETEXT Predicate

Accessing and Changing Relational Data

Accessing and Changing Relational Data

Using the FREETEXT Predicate

With a FREETEXT predicate, you can enter any set of words or phrases, or even a complete sentence. The full-text query engine examines this text, identifies all the significant words and noun phrases, and internally constructs a query with those terms. This example uses a FREETEXT predicate against a column named description.

FREETEXT (description, ' "The Fulton County Grand Jury said Friday an investigation of Atlanta's recent primary election produced no evidence that any irregularities took place." ') 

The search engine identifies words and noun phrases such as the following:


Fulton, county, grand, jury, Friday, investigation, Atlanta, recent, primary, election, produce, evidence, irregularities


Fulton county grand jury, primary election, grand jury, Atlanta's recent primary election

The words and phrases in the FREETEXT string (and their inflectionally generated variations) are internally combined into a query, weighted for proper ranking, and then the actual search is performed.

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