Start Center (Spybot - Search & Destroy 2)

Spybot - Search & Destroy 2

The Start Center

In all versions of Spybot prior to 2.0, all tools were combined in a single interface. Beginning with version 2 Spybot is more flexible through modularity. And while all modules now list associated tasks for easy navigation, the Start Center was created to give an overview over all parts of Spybot, plus quick information on its current state.

The main menu includes access to this help, as well as links to our website and forum.

The top area of the Start Center shows the version and status information. Clicking some items (e.g. a warning ' No Update attempt registered.') will allow the user to change that state.

The main area includes links to the modules included in Spybot. Depending on the way the user intends to use it, he may want the window to close once he has clicked a link, in which case he should select the checkbox at the bottom named Close this window after opening link. In case this checkbox is hidden, this can be changed in Settings on the Dialogs tab. Deselecting the option 'Hide above option within Start Center' shows the previously mentioned checkbox.

The bottom area shows the Tip of the Day, a random tip that might hint at features a user has not yet seen, issues where care should be taken, and other things. This can be closed for the session by clicking the large X at the left, or more tips can be viewed by clicking Next tip.

Available parameters
/help shows this page
/verbose displays more output
/silent avoid unnecessary output
/taskbarhide avoid UI appearing even in the taskbar
System Service related
/serviceinstalltest fakes that services are not installed
Supplemental Options
/youtube adds menu option to resize windows to YouTube video resolutions
Start Center
/mode=(standard|experienced) toggles which mode to start with
/forcewhitelist enforces whitelist creation offer and icon
/suppresswhitelist suppresses whitelist creation offer and icon

This module is available in the following editions:

  • Free
  • Home
  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Technician
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