NVIDIA(R) PhysX(R) SDK 3.4 API Reference: physx Namespace Reference


physx Namespace Reference


namespace  pvdsdk


class  PxProfilerCallback
 The pure virtual callback interface for general purpose instrumentation and profiling of GameWorks modules as well as applications. More...
class  PxProfileScoped
class  PxCpuDispatcher
 A CpuDispatcher is responsible for scheduling the execution of tasks passed to it by the SDK. More...
class  PxGpuDispatcher
 A GpuTask dispatcher. More...
struct  PxGpuTaskHint
 Define the 'flavor' of a PxGpuTask. More...
class  PxGpuTask
 PxTask implementation for launching CUDA work. More...
class  PxBaseTask
 Base class of all task types. More...
class  PxTask
 A PxBaseTask implementation with deferred execution and full dependencies. More...
class  PxLightCpuTask
 A PxBaseTask implementation with immediate execution and simple dependencies. More...
struct  PxTaskType
 Identifies the type of each heavyweight PxTask object. More...
class  PxTaskManager
 The PxTaskManager interface. More...


typedef int64_t PxI64
typedef uint64_t PxU64
typedef int32_t PxI32
typedef uint32_t PxU32
typedef int16_t PxI16
typedef uint16_t PxU16
typedef int8_t PxI8
typedef uint8_t PxU8
typedef float PxF32
typedef double PxF64
typedef float PxReal
typedef unsigned int PxTaskID

Typedef Documentation

typedef float physx::PxF32

typedef double physx::PxF64

typedef int16_t physx::PxI16

typedef int32_t physx::PxI32

typedef int64_t physx::PxI64

typedef int8_t physx::PxI8

typedef float physx::PxReal

typedef unsigned int physx::PxTaskID

typedef uint16_t physx::PxU16

typedef uint32_t physx::PxU32

typedef uint64_t physx::PxU64

typedef uint8_t physx::PxU8

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