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Px1DConstraintFlag Struct Reference

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#include <PxConstraintDesc.h>

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Public Types

enum  Type {
  eSPRING = 1<<0,
  eRESTITUTION = 1<<2,
  eKEEPBIAS = 1<<3,
  eOUTPUT_FORCE = 1<<4,

Public Member Functions

PX_CUDA_CALLABLE Px1DConstraintFlag ()

Detailed Description

constraint row flags

These flags configure the post-processing of constraint rows and the behavior of the solver while solving constraints

Member Enumeration Documentation

eSPRING  whether the constraint is a spring. Mutually exclusive with eRESTITUTION. If set, eKEEPBIAS is ignored.
eACCELERATION_SPRING  whether the constraint is a force or acceleration spring. Only valid if eSPRING is set.
eRESTITUTION  whether the restitution model should be applied to generate the target velocity. Mutually exclusive with eSPRING. If restitution causes a bounces, eKEEPBIAS is ignored
eKEEPBIAS  whether to keep the error term when solving for velocity. Ignored if restitution generates bounce, or eSPRING is set.
eOUTPUT_FORCE  whether to accumulate the force value from this constraint in the force total that is reported for the constraint and tested for breakage
eHAS_DRIVE_LIMIT  whether the constraint has a drive force limit (which will be scaled by dt unless PxConstraintFlag::eLIMITS_ARE_FORCES is set)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PX_CUDA_CALLABLE Px1DConstraintFlag::Px1DConstraintFlag (  )  [inline]

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