IP Settings Information

NI MAX Remote Systems

IP Settings Information

If you are assembling your own Ethernet network, you can choose an IP address. The subnet mask determines the format of the IP address. Use the same subnet mask as the host computer when you configure your remote system. For example, if your subnet mask is, the first three numbers in every IP address on the network must be the same. If your subnet mask is, only the first two numbers in the IP addresses on the network must match.

For either subnet mask, you can use numbers between 1 and 254 for the last number of the IP address. (Do not use numbers 0 and 255; they are reserved.) You can use numbers between 0 and 255 for the third number of the IP address, but this number must be the same as other devices on your network if your subnet mask is

If you are setting up your own network and do not have a gateway or DNS server, set these values to the default configuration,

To find out the network settings for your host computer, run ipconfig.

To run ipconfig, open a command prompt window, type ipconfig at the prompt, and press <Enter>. If you need more information, run ipconfig with the /all option by typing ipconfig /all to see all the settings for the computer. Make sure you use the settings for the correct Ethernet adapter to configure your remote system.