NI-IMAQdx Function Reference



rval = IMAQdxGetAttributeDisplayName(IMAQdxSession id, const char *name, char *displayName, unsigned int length)


Gets the display name for the camera attribute. The display name is a human readable version of the attribute name.


Parameter Type Description
id IMAQdxSession A valid Session ID, which you can obtain using IMAQdxOpenCamera.
name const char * The name of the attribute whose tooltip you want to get. Refer to Attribute Name for a list of attributes.
display name char * A pointer to an area of memory reserved for a display name. The reserved memory must be at least the size specified by the length parameter.
length unsigned int The maximum length of the C string passed as the display name parameter.

Parameter Discussion

name specifies the attribute whose value you want to obtain. In LabWindows/CVI function panel, when you click the control or press <Enter>, <Spacebar>, or <Ctrl-down arrow>, a dialog box opens containing a hierarchical list of the available attributes. Attributes whose values cannot be obtained are dimmed. You can access function help text for each attribute by double-clicking an attribute or by selecting the attribute and pressing <Enter>.

Return Value

On success, this function returns IMAQdxErrorSuccess. On failure, this function returns an error code. You can obtain a more detailed error message with IMAQdxGetErrorString.