Importing TEAC Data


Importing TEAC Data

Use this dialog box to specify the settings for importing TEAC data.

Note  To import TEAC data, you must register the GPI-DLL GFSTEAC.DLL first. For more information about GPI-DLLs, refer to Registering GPI Extensions.


Name Specifies the name of the data channel. This also enables the data channels to be imported.
Comment Specifies the comment on the data channel.
Unit Specifies the data channel unit.
Reduce number of values to be transferred, for all channels Specifies reduced loading for the data.
Reduction mode Specifies the value that DIAdem loads from an interval.
Interval definition Specifies the parameters for defining the interval.
Start value Specifies the first value to be taken into account in the data channel.
Last value Specifies the last value to be taken into account in the data channel.
Number of intervals Specifies the number of intervals.
Interval width Specifies the number of values an interval contains.

Further Settings

Select all Specifies that DIAdem imports all data channels.
Delete all Specifies that DIAdem does not import any data channels.

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