Opening Data Storage - VI Logger


Opening Data Storage - VI Logger

Use this dialog box to specify the parameters for linking DIAdem to a VI logger database.


Data from MAX Specifies that you get the data the way you view it in the MAX. DIAdem also registers later name changes.
Folder Specifies that you get the data as it exists in the database. DIAdem does not register later name changes.
Time interval enabled Specifies that DIAdem only provides data from the specified time interval.
Start time Specifies the start time of the interval.
End time Specifies the end time of the interval.
Time intervals Specifies the subintervals DIAdem divides the time interval into.
Interval width (sec) Size of the subintervals in seconds.
Use relative time Specifies that DIAdem specifies the period of time.
Note  To access data storage from NI VI Logger, NI Lookout, or the NI LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control modules, you require the appropriate software components. These software components are installed with the above-mentioned NI products. However, you also can install the software components independently of the above-mentioned products, if necessary. Refer to the the knowledge base at

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