Opening Data Storage - SQL


Opening Data Storage - SQL

Use this dialog box to specify the parameters for connecting an SQL database.


Database Specifies the type of database.
Server Specifies which server the database is on.
File Specifies the name and the path of the database.
User Specifies the user name.
Password Specifies the user password.
Save password Specifies that the DIAdem saves the password encoded. If you save the password, you can open the data storage the next time without entering the password.
ADO connection Allows you to enter an "Open call" command in the Microsoft ADO.
Note You must install ADO to work with ADO connection strings. Microsoft installs ADO with the Internet Explorer in Version 4 and later, and with Microsoft Office. If your system cannot open a storage, update your ADO installation. The "Universal Data Access Package" is on the Microsoft homepage. If you want to access Oracle data storages, you must install an Oracle client.

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