Setting Filter Parameters


Setting Filter Parameters

Use this dialog box to define filter parameters.


Object types Specifies the object types you want to filter. DIAdem only displays the object types that relate to a data storage.
Object properties Specifies the properties DIAdem filters.
Operator Specifies the operator that DIAdem filters with.
Operand Specifies the operand that DIAdem filters with.
Note If you use the =- operator, you can use text attribute wildcards as an operand. Use a question mark (?) as a wildcard for one character, and an asterisk (*) as the wildcard for any number of characters. DIAdem filters case-sensitively.
Note A gray rectangle with a green point in front of the object type indicates that the filter is enabled.

Further Settings

Combine parameters Specifies that DIAdem uses the filter settings on all object types.
Filter file Specifies the filter file.
Loading Loads filter settings. Filter settings have the filename extension .tsf.
New file name Specifies the name of the file where DIAdem saves the filter settings.
Reset Resets all the filter settings.
Extend list Extends the list of object types.
Reduce list Reduces the list of object types.
Note If you set several filters for one object type, DIAdem filters with all the set filter settings simultaneously.
Note Enable filters by clicking View┬╗Extended filters active.

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