Line Reduction


Line Reduction

Use this dialog box to load particular values from a data channel. DIAdem covers the data channel with a window, in successive steps at a specific interval width, and loads a value from each interval.


Reduction mode Specifies how DIAdem determines which value to load from an interval.
Reduction channel Specifies the reduction channel. If the reduction channel contains a value that is greater than zero, DIAdem loads the data from the row of the selected data channel.
Interval definition Specifies the parameters for defining the interval.
Start value Specifies the first value to be taken into account in the data channel.
Last value Specifies the last value to be taken into account in the data channel.
Number of intervals Specifies the number of intervals.
Interval width Specifies the number of values an interval contains.
X-channel Specifies which data channel contains the values to be loaded when you select a reduction channel.

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