niDCPower Property Node

NI DCPower LabView

niDCPower Property Node

Sets or gets properties of the device. Refer to Using Properties and Attributes for more information.


Channel-Based Properties

To access a channel-based property, you must wire an Active Channel of an NI-DCPower property node. The Active Channel is listed first in the property node. To access a device-based property, do not wire an Active Channel or wire an empty string.

Properties with Multiple Channels

You can specify multiple channels by using a channel list or a channel range. A channel list is a comma (,) separated sequence of channel names (e.g. 0,2 specifies channels 0 and 2). A channel range is a lower bound channel followed by a hyphen (-) or colon (:) followed by an upper bound channel (e.g. 0-2 specifies channels 0, 1, and 2). In Immediate mode, multiple output channel configurations are performed sequentially based on the order specified in Active Channel.