SAE J1939 Arbitration ID Dialog Box

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SAE J1939 Arbitration ID Dialog Box

You can invoke this dialog box from the Message Properties dialog box. It is available only when the Arbitration ID mode is set to Extended.

The dialog box shows the arbitration ID in the format of SAE J1939 higher layer protocol. For more information, refer to SAE J1939 Arbitration ID.


You can set Priority to a value between 0 and 7. This field determines the priority of the message on the bus. You can set the priority of any message from highest (0) to lowest (7).

Source Address

An 8-bit field that contains the identifier of the device or source sending the message. There should be only one device with a given source address.

You can set Source Address to a value between 0 and 255.

Parameter Group Number (PGN)

Represents one or more parameters where a parameter is a piece of data such as Engine RPM. The PGN identifies or labels commands, data, requests, acknowledgements, and negative acknowledgements.

You can edit the PGN in two modes by selecting either Edit as Number or Edit as PGN Segments. The PGN is displayed in decimal or hexadecimal depending on the setting for the arbitration ID in Options dialog box. When using hexadecimal mode, The PGN is displayed with 0x prefix. However, it is not necessary to enter the prefix when entering the value.

When the Edit as PGN Segments option is selected to edit the PGN, the various component fields are enabled.

Segments of the PGN are always displayed and entered in decimal format.

Reserved Bit

This bit is currently reserved for future use by the SAE. To comply with SAE J1939, you must set this bit to zero.

Data Page

The data page bit selects an auxiliary page of Parameter Group descriptions. Assignment of all PGNs available in page zero is complete (filled) before the page one assignments are made.

PDU Format

This is an 8-bit field within the PGN that determines the format of a Protocol Data Unit (PDU). It determines whether the message is a broadcast message or directed to a specific address.

PDU Specific

This is an 8-bit field within the PGN that becomes either a Group Extension ID or a Destination address depending on the value of the PDU Format.

Resulting ID

The ID is displayed in decimal or hexadecimal format depending on the setting in the Options dialog box.