Multiplexer Dialog Box

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Multiplexer Dialog Box

A multiplexer defines an area within the message which can contain different information (channels) depending on the value of the mode channel (mode value). The mode channel must not overlap other channels within the multiplexer or channels outside of the multiplexer.

The mode channel is defined within the multiplexer dialog box. Mode-dependent channels within the multiplexer are defined by creating mode items on the multiplexer item and channel items on the mode item. The area within the message controlled by the multiplexer is defined by all mode-dependent channels.

The Message Overview window in the Multiplexer Properties dialog box displays channel bits coded by colors:

  • The mode channel is displayed with highlighted numbered bits.
  • Mode-dependent channels already defined within this multiplexer are green. They are not numbered because one bit can be used by multiple channels.
  • Channels outside of the multiplexer are orange. They are not numbered for the same reason.

A message can contain more than one multiplexer. Every multiplexer defines its own area in the message. A mode-dependent channel depends always on the value of one mode channel.