Loading Channels from NI-CAN Database File

CAN Measurement & Automation Explorer

Loading Channels from NI-CAN Database File

To load channels previously saved to a NI-CAN database file (.ncd), right-click on CAN Channels in Data Neighborhood and select Load Channel Configuration. The operation starts with an Open File dialog box. After selecting a file and clicking on the Open button, the messages contained in the file are displayed alphabetically sorted in the list box.

For performance reasons, you should load only messages required for the application into MAX. To select a message in the list, click on the message name. Channels contained in the message are displayed on the right side. Clicking on the Load button copies the message and associated channels into MAX. The dialog box remains open until you click on Done, so you can select and load multiple groups of messages.

Selecting Multiple Messages

Left-click on the first message, hold down the mouse button, and move the cursor up or down to select several messages.

To select messages individually, hold down <Ctrl> and click on the messages.

Loading All Messages from the File

To load all messages, select Add all Messages and Channels.

Message Name Prefix

MAX does not allow defining two messages with the same name. If the selection contains messages with names already defined in MAX, a dialog box appears to resolve name conflicts before the messages are copied to MAX. To resolve name conflicts, prepend a prefix to all imported messages. After entering the prefix, the user can click on the Check button to verify whether the name conflict has been resolved. The prefix is added to all imported messages, not only the message that caused name conflicts.

If the name conflicts are not resolved when you click on the OK button, the existing messages with the same name are overwritten. The user is asked to overwrite every message or, by clicking on Yes to All, to allow all following messages to be overwritten without further questions.

Loading another NI-CAN Database File

By clicking on the [...] button, you can load another .ncd file into the dialog box to load messages and channels from it without leaving the dialog box.