MAX Report Generation

CAN Measurement & Automation Explorer

MAX Report Generation

Use the MAX Report Wizard to generate a report of the NI-CAN hardware and software configuration of the local system. The report includes the following information.

  • List of properties for an NI-CAN interface:
    • Protocol
    • Serial Number
    • Series
  • List of properties for an NI-CAN port:
    • Interface name
    • Location
    • Transceiver Type (if driver is able to determine it)
    • Transceiver Name (if driver is able to determine it)
    • Baud Rate
    • Sample Point
    • BTR Settings
  • CAN channel tables
    • Tables in "NI-CAN Channels" contain all properties which can be configured in MAX/Data Neighborhood/CAN Channels.

By default, the MAX Report Wizard will include any CAN channels listed in MAX. To reduce the MAX report file size, deselect this option when configuring the MAX report.

Note Note  When printing out the MAX report file, depending on paper format and internet browser, the tables can exceed the size of the paper so information may be missing in the printed documentation.