Choose a tool for replication

Microsoft Replication Manager

Choose a tool for replication

You can use seven different tools for replicating and synchronizing databases:

  • Briefcase replication is a convenient tool for keeping a database file up to date. For example, you can take a database file that resides on your office computer and drag it onto the My Briefcase icon on your laptop, which creates a replica. For more information, click .

  • Replication commands on the Microsoft Access Tools menu in a database and in a project allow you to create replicas and synchronize them on demand as you work in Microsoft Access. For more information about replication in a database, click . For more information about replication in a project, click .

  • Data Access Objects (DAO) and Jet and Replication Objects (JRO) include methods and properties developers can use to programmatically replicate and synchronize databases and projects. For more information about DAO, click . For more information about JRO, click .

  • Microsoft Replication Manager is a full-featured tool for managing replicas, setting synchronization schedules, and viewing members of the replica set. It is available to owners of the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer. For more information, click .

  • Web server replication is a tool you can use to work on files even when you are no longer connected to a Web server. For more information, click .