Create a replica with Briefcase

Microsoft Replication Manager

Create a replica with Briefcase

  1. Make sure that Briefcase is installed on your computer. If Briefcase is installed, you will see a My Briefcase icon on the Windows desktop.

    If Briefcase isn't installed, you must do both of the following two steps:

    • Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, click Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs, click the Windows Setup tab, and then double-click Accessories. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

    • To install Briefcase replication, run the Microsoft Access Setup program. For more information, click .

  2. If your database is protected by a database password, remove the password.


  3. From Windows Explorer, select the folder where the Microsoft Access database is located.

  4. Drag the database file to the My Briefcase icon on the Windows desktop.

    Important   Before replicating your database, you should read about the changes that are made to a database when it's replicated. To read about these changes, click .