Replication with Data Access Objects (DAO)

Microsoft Replication Manager

Replication with Data Access Objects (DAO)

You can create and maintain a replicated database by using DAO methods and properties. Use DAO if you require programmatic control over the exchange of data and design information among members of the replica set. For example, you can use DAO to write a procedure that automatically synchronizes a user's replica with the rest of the set when the user opens the database.

You can use the following methods and properties to create and maintain a replicated database:

MakeReplica method

Synchronize method

ConflictTable property

DesignMasterID property

KeepLocal property

Replicable property

ReplicaID property

ReplicationConflictFunction property

Microsoft Jet provides these additional methods and properties for creating and maintaining partial replicas (replicas that contain a subset of the records in a full replica):

ReplicaFilter property

PartialReplica property

PopulatePartial method

Learn about creating partial replicas.

Note   To learn about these properties and methods, open the Visual Basic Editor and access Visual Basic Editor Help.