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PageField Object

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Multiple objects

Represents a field in a recordset or grouping definition. The page field name is used by a control on a data access page to bind to data from a recordset.

PageField objects come in three types:

  • Output. This type comes directly from a schema field in a schema row source. For schema row sources of the table type or view type, this means the field is listed in the SELECT list of the SQL statement generated by the data model. For schema row sources of the text type or stored procedure type, all schema fields appear as output and the page field name must be the same as the schema field name.
  • Calculated. This is a locally calculated column added to a recordset. Visual Basic for Applications expression syntax is supported. Expressions can reference page fields of type dscOutput or dscGrouping within the same recordset definition or grouping definition. Expressions can also reference HTML elements by using the document object model (for example, =Quantity*UnitPrice*Document.All("Text0").Value). Calculated fields are recalculated whenever an updated record is saved, whenever the page is refreshed, or whenever the recordset's Resync method is called.
  • Grouping. This is a grouping field or aggregate field attached to a GroupingDef or RecordsetDef object.

The PageField object can be a member of the AllPageFields, GroupingFields, OutputFields, or PageFields collection.

Using the PageField Object

The following properties and method return a PageField object: