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MGC_knobs_t Struct Reference

#include <motion_gc.h>

Data Fields

float AccThr
float GyroThr
float FilterConst
int FastStart
float MaxGyro
float MaxAcc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file motion_gc.h.

Field Documentation

float AccThr

Definition at line 80 of file motion_gc.h.

int FastStart

Definition at line 83 of file motion_gc.h.

float FilterConst

Definition at line 82 of file motion_gc.h.

float GyroThr

Definition at line 81 of file motion_gc.h.

float MaxAcc

Definition at line 85 of file motion_gc.h.

float MaxGyro

Definition at line 84 of file motion_gc.h.

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