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Using Stored Passwords

How to transfer passwords stored in KeePass to other applications.

There are many different methods to copy passwords stored in KeePass to other applications:

Info  Context-Sensitive Entry List

Depending on which field you double-click in the entry list (main window), different actions are performed:

  • Title field: open the entry editing dialog for this entry.
  • User Name field: copy user name to clipboard.
  • URL field: open (in browser) or copy the URL to clipboard (behavior configurable in the options).
  • Password field: copy password to the clipboard.
  • Notes field: notes are copied to the clipboard.
  • Attachment field: [1.x] copy to clipboard, [2.x] open in internal editor / viewer.
  • Other fields (like time and UUID fields): copy the contents of that field to the clipboard.

Info  Drag&Drop

You can drag&drop all fields of KeePass entries into other windows:

Drag&Drop Screenshot

Info  Auto-Type

Auto-Type is a powerful feature that sends simulated keypresses to other applications.

You can find more details about it here: Auto-Type documentation page.

Info  KeeForm and other Plugins

There are a lot of plugins available integrating KeePass directly with other applications. KeeForm (for Internet Explorer und Mozilla Firefox) allows completely automatic filling of webforms for example.

You can find these integration plugins on the KeePass Plugins page.