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Acknowledgements / Credits

Thanks to various people for contributions and/or work.

At this place I want to thank a lot of people very much for their help, source code, suggestions and other contributions (in no particular order).

Info  Donation Acknowledgements

Developing high-quality applications takes much time and resources. Donations make it possible to keep up the current development standard. Therefore, thanks a lot to all who donated to the project.

More information about donations and a list of people who donated can be found here: KeePass Donations.

Info  Source Code Acknowledgements

KeePass uses a lot of classes and libraries written by different people and given away for free. Here I want to thank them for writing these classes and libraries.

Author Class / Library
Szymon Stefanek C++ implementation of the AES/Rijndael encryption algorithm.
Brian Gladman C implementation of the SHA-2 (256/384/512) hashing algorithms.
Brent Corkum MFC class for XP-style menu (BCMenu).
Davide Calabro MFC class for buttons with icons (CButtonST).
Peter Mares MFC class for window side banners (CKCSideBannerWnd).
Chris Maunder MFC class for system tray icons (CSystemTray).
Hans Dietrich MFC class for hyperlinks in dialogs (XHyperLink).
PJ Naughter MFC classes for checking for single instance and version information (CSingleInstance, CVersionInfo).
Lallous Class for sending simulated keystrokes to other applications (CSendKeys).
Bouncy Castle Developers Class for computing SHA-256 hashes (Bouncy Castle).
Mike Krueger, John Reilly Library to handle GZip files (SharpZipLib).

Info  Translation Acknowledgements

Thanks a lot to all people who created translations for KeePass (see translations page).

Info  Plugin Acknowledgements

Very many thanks to all people who wrote plugins for KeePass (see plugins page). Without you, KeePass would be a lot less powerful and useful!

Info  Tools Acknowledgements

Thanks to the UPX Team for the writing the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (UPX). This tool is used to compress the final KeePass executables, in order to create a smaller distribution and making KeePass start up faster.

Thanks to Jordan Russell for creating Inno Setup. This tool is used to create the nice KeePass installation program.

Info  Hosting/Distribution Acknowledgements

Thanks to for hosting the KeePass downloads / translations / plugins and for providing the project support platform (forums, feature requests / bug trackers, ...) for free.
Thanks to domain)FACTORY for hosting the KeePass website.
Thanks to datensysteme-lenk for hosting the German KeePass support forum in the past.

Info  Suggestions and Forum Support Acknowledgements

Thanks to all the people answering questions of others in the KeePass forums! A product is only as good as its support is, and I alone could never provide such an excellent individual help platform.

Two persons should be mentioned here, because of an extraordinary amount of suggestions (features, bug reports, ...) and helping others in the forums: Paul Tannard and Michael Scheer.

Info  Special Acknowledgements

Thanks to Daniel Turini for suggesting "KeePass" as the name of the project.

An especially big thanks to Bill Rubin. He not only contributed a lot of source code to KeePass, he also had an enormous amount of feature and improvement suggestions, helped people in the KeePass forums, and wrote a KeePass plugin for backing up databases. He's also the reason why many of the sections in the KeePass Help are very precise, helpful, clear and easy to understand. In our countless hours long IM chats, we not only discussed much about the design of KeePass, Bill also told me a lot about C++ and other stuff. Thanks!

Info  Icons Acknowledgements

Thanks a lot to Christopher Bolin for creating the main KeePass icon (see top left on this page) and its variations.

Thanks to David Vignoni for creating the nice 'Nuvola' icon theme. Most of the icons used in KeePass and on its website are icons of this theme. You can find the original images on the website of the author. Usage of the icons is allowed under the terms of the LGPL license (which you can find here: GNU Lesser General Public License), plus an addition. The original distribution notice can be found here: 'Nuvola' Icon Theme License.