Multi-Session Disc


A multi-session disc is a disc that contains multiple sessions. A multi-session disc can be recorded in multiple steps by recording one session at a time.

Creating New Multi-Session Discs

Creating a new multi-session disc is easy. To create a new multi-session disc, create a new data project:
File New Project Data Disc
Open the project properties:
File Project Properties...
Select the ISO tab and change the Format to:
Mode 2 XA (multisession)

You can now add files and folder to you project as usual. See this topic for more information on how to work with projects.

Continue Multi-Session Discs

To add more data to an existing multi-session disc you must import the existing session data into your project. To do so, use the menu:
Actions Import Session...

A window will popup which allows you to select a device and view how much allocated and free space that is available on the disc. If the OK-button is greyed it means that the disc can not be imported.

When you have selected the device which has the multi-session disc that you want to import inserted. Press the OK-button and the data will be imported into your project. The imported data can not be manipulated or removed from the disc. All imported files and folders are displayed in grey text.

When are done working with the new session and want to add the new data to the disc, either use the menu:
Actions Burn Compilation to a Compact Disc...
or the toolbar button: