Erase Disc


To erase a rewritable disc, you can either use the menu:
Actions Erase Rewritable Disc...
or the toolbar button:


Please select the recorder that you want to use for erasing the disc.

Erase Method

Select one of the four erase methods to use. The Erase the entire disc method will destroy all data on the disc. This operation may take a long time. Using the Minimally erase the disc method will only cause the table of contents (TOC), PMA and pregap to be erased. Basicly the actual data is never erased from the disc (it will not be accessible), the data will instead be overwritten when you write to the disc the next time. This method is very fast can can often be done in about 10 seconds. The Unclose last session method uncloses the last session (on a closed multi-session disc) allowing more sessions to be added to the disc. The last method Erase last session will simply just erase the last session on the disc. This may take long or short time depending on the size of the session.

Other Options

If the table of contents (TOC) for some reason has been damaged on a disc, InfraRecorder will not erase the disc unless the Ignore illegal TOC option is set.

Activating the Simulation option will cause InfraRecorder to perform the selected action but with the recorder's laser turned off. This option is recommended if you are unsure if the operation will succeed or not.