SymStore Command-Line Options

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SymStore Command-Line Options

The following syntax forms are supported for SymStore transactions. The first parameter must always be add or del. The order of the other parameters does not matter.

symstore add [/l /o /p /r] /f File /s Store /t Product [/v Version] [/c Comment] [/d LogFile]

symstore add [/a /l /o /p /r] /g Share /f File /x IndexFile [/d LogFile]

symstore add [/o /p] /y IndexFile /g Share /s Store /t Product [/v Version] [/c Comment] [/d LogFile]

symstore del /i ID /s Store [/o] [/d LogFile]

symstore /?

Parameter Meaning
/f File Specifies the network path of files or directories to add.
/g Share Specifies the server and share where the symbol files were originally stored. When used with /f, Share should be identical to the beginning of the File specifier. When used with /y, Share should be the location of the original symbol files (not the index file). This allows you to later change this portion of the file path in case you move the symbol files to a different server and share.
/i ID Specifies the transaction ID string.
/l Allows the file to be in a local directory rather than a network path. (This option is only used with the /p option.)
/p Causes SymStore to store a pointer to the file, rather than the file itself.
/r Causes SymStore to add files or directories recursively.
/s Store Specifies the root directory for the symbol store.
/t Product Specifies the name of the product.
/v Version Specifies the version of the product.
/c Comment Specifies a comment for the transaction.
/d LogFile Specifies a log file to be used for command output. If this is not included, transaction information and other output is sent to stdout.
/o Causes SymStore to display verbose output.
/x IndexFile Causes SymStore not to store the actual symbol files. Instead, SymStore records information in the IndexFile that will enable SymStore to access the symbol files at a later time.
/a Causes SymStore to append new indexing information to an existing index file. (This option is only used with the /x option.)
/y IndexFile Causes SymStore to read the data from a file created with /x.
/? Displays help text for the SymStore command.

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