OMAP Structure

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OMAP Structure

Describes an entry in an address map.

typedef struct _OMAP {
ULONG rva;
ULONG rvaTo; } OMAP,



A relative virtual address (RVA) in image A.


The relative virtual address that rva is mapped to in image B.


An address map provides a translation from one image layout (A) to another (B). An array of OMAP structures, sorted by rva, defines an address map.

To translate an address, addrA, in image A to an address, addrB, in image B, perform the following steps:

  1. Search the map for the entry, e, with the largest rva less than or equal to addrA.
  2. Set delta = addrA – e.rva.
  3. Set addrB = e.rvaTo + delta.

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