SymEnumerateModulesProc64 Callback Function

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SymEnumerateModulesProc64 Callback Function

An application-defined callback function used with the SymEnumerateModules64 function. It is called once for each enumerated module, and receives the module information.

The PSYM_ENUMMODULES_CALLBACK64 type defines a pointer to this callback function. SymEnumerateModulesProc64 is a placeholder for the application-defined function name.

BOOL CALLBACK SymEnumerateModulesProc64(
  [in]                 PCSTR ModuleName,
  [in]                 DWORD64 BaseOfDll,
  [in]                 PVOID UserContext



The name of the module.


The base address where the module is loaded into memory.


The user-defined value specified in SymEnumerateModules64, or NULL. Typically, this parameter is used by an application to pass a pointer to a data structure that lets the callback function establish some type of context.

Return Value

If the return value is TRUE, the enumeration will continue.

If the return value is FALSE, the enumeration will stop.


The calling application is called once per module until all modules are enumerated, or until the enumeration callback function returns FALSE.



Requires DbgHelp.dll 5.1 or later.


Declared in DbgHelp.h.

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